TeamApp Introduction: For Players, Parents/Guardians

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Communication to, from and among the PennoFC community is a focus for our Club.  Alongside Facebook, TeamApp will be used as a core platform to enable this communication, helping streamline how our community at PennoFC communicates, eliminating all those emails we know most of you don't like.


What is TeamApp?

Using TeamApp, you'll be able to see upcoming game details, news from the Club, posts in your Team Chat Group and you'll have access to your Team Gallery. As an approved member of a Team Group in TeamApp, you can also post content in TeamApp. For example, you can RSVP to a game ("Johnny is sick and cant play this week"), add a comment in the Chat Group ("Could someone please take Billy home from the game for me this week?") or you can upload photos from your weekly games. You can do all these activities fully in control of who sees the content you decide to post.

The downloaded App version of TeamApp allows you to subscribe to TeamApp notifications, alerting you to the latest news and info from your Team and Club - this is a feature you can also opt-out of.

The Club has engaged all Team Managers about its expectations about the use of TeamApp. Team Manager's have been asked to use TeamApp to communicate with players/parents, replacing the need for emails back-and-forth. TeamApp was deployed to Team Managers two (2) weeks ahead of the 2018 Winter Season, to ensure there was ample time for everyone to gain their desired level of TeamApp access, and to familiarise themselves with the platform.


To App or not to App?

If you don't want to download an App, don't own a smart phone, or don't like the App experience, try the browser version of TeamApp which is both desktop and mobile friendly, and some say, easier to use. Give it a go at: 


Do you require assistance?

Like any new platform, we may experience some teething issues as we all become familiar TeamApp - we appreciate everyone's support and patience if this does occur. All stakeholders are invited to submit TeamApp feedback any time during the Season. The Club will undertake a formal review of TeamApp and its role at the end of the season, including surveying members, to ascertain how (and if) TeamApp is best adopted by the club in future seasons.

Social Media Policy

The use of TeamApp is governed by the Club's Social Media Policy. If you see anything posted in TeamApp which you feel may breach our Social Media Policy, please alert the club immediately.



Want to check which PennoFC Groups/Teams you have subscribed to?

App: From TeamApp home page, select 'Settings' in top right of screen, then select 'Access Groups'

PC/Browser: If you're already logged in to TeamApp, select this link. Otherwise log-in to TeamApp, and navigate yourself to 'My Membership' page and then click on 'Access Groups'. See screenshot.