Coaches and Managers

All teams require a coach to proceed for the season, if you are interested in coaching or managing or to continue from last season, please answer this question in the online registration and / or contact your Age Manager. ALL volunteers MUST be registered to be covered by the Club’s insurance arrangements, and where applicable, Working With Children clearance will also be required.

In order to develop our coaches, Penno FC will pay for new and existing coaches (and managers) to attend appropriate accredited coaching courses. If interested, and we would encourage you to take up this offer (it is fun and enjoyable and nothing to feel apprehensive about), speak to your Age Manager or our Director of Coaching.

Course dates are available here.

Team short of players?

In mini age groups not only can you ask other same-aged or younger PennoFC teams to sub in extra players, but you can also approach the opposition Manager on game day and either seek to borrow an opposition player or agree to fewer players on the field to ensure a fair equal-sided game. It’s all about fun and learning skills in the Mini age groups, so with all the flexibility available, there should be no reason for our littlest PennoFC stars to ever miss games due to a PennoFC forfeit.

Game Structure

Please refer to the applicable age group pages below:

Fair Play

Pennant Hills Football Club enjoys a reputation for fair play and fair dealings throughout the Association and our community. The fair manner with which we treat our referees is second nature to most of us. The following items have been provided to remind us all of our obligations with respect to our match officials.

Club policy is that all available team players receive equal game time. Equality can be achieved each match, or over a longer period if a roster is kept.

Be enthusiastic! Help players to do their best and enjoy themselves. Placate parents. Remember football is meant to be FUN.


Notify your Age Manager or one of the Registrars ASAP if a player wishes to de-register. If NWSF is notified prior to the first competition game, the player will receive a full refund. If notified prior to last Friday in May, the player will receive a 50% refund.

Game day

  • Ensure players and parents are aware they should get to each game with sufficient time to warm up, get into team shirt, and receive instructions.

  • You will generally not have a referee provided as it is non-competition. Both teams have to provide a referee or game facilitator for one half.

  • After the match you may submit the scores via Dribl.

  • Coach and Manager must wear armbands and club polo shirts during each match or the club may be fined. Only armband-wearers are allowed on the field, and then only at the referee’s invitation if a player is injured or needs special attention.

  • Football NSW insurance covers injuries during games, training & warm-ups.

  • Football NSW Insurance requires that no player wear a cap with a stiff peak.

  • Under FIFA laws, no player can play without shin pads. Shin pads are also required for training.

  • Eye glasses may be worn at the coach’s discretion, but they must have plastic lenses, no sharp corners, and be securely fastened. Check the rules on NWSF site.

  • Under FIFA laws no jewellery may be worn by players during a game.

  • Never allow an unregistered player or a player from a higher age-group or division to participate. To do so may invalidate insurance and expose all club officials (coaches, managers, and committee) to civil court action and the club may be heavily fined.

  • Blood rule – a bleeding player will be asked to leave the field and may not re-enter the field until cleaned and patched up and at the referee’s discretion.

Manager’s duties

  • Team admin

  • Keep your Age Manager informed of any team issues or problems and notify them of all instances of abusive or overly aggressive behaviour by players, parents or other club or opposition members.

  • Distribute information provided by your Age Manager. Ensure all families know to consult

  • Communicate game time and venue to team members

  • Encourage sign up to Dribl for instant notifications regarding game day.

  • Ensure sufficient players are available for each match. Plan ahead for school holidays/Band Camp etc.. If you cannot find enough eligible players and must forfeit, inform your Age Manager ASAP. Mini’s must notify their age manager in advance so that the opposition can be notified. The club will be fined & a larger fine applies for notification after 4pm Friday before the match.

  • If there has been heavy rain during the 24 hrs before your training session, check the PennoFc Facebook page to see if grounds have been closed. Council will fine us for using a closed oval. If in doubt, contact your Age Manager.

  • Notify your team on ASAP if a match or training is cancelled.

  • Check and Facebook regularly for general news and information as well as ground closure information. Match draws for all clubs are available at the NWSF website and Dribl.

  • Read the NWSF information particularly the small sided game handout information and have a look at the by-laws