President's Welcome

Dear Players, Parents and Carers

I hope you have all had a good Christmas, despite the latest Covid outbreak, and would like to extend a warm welcome to Season 2022 at Pennant Hills Football Club, A Club Like No Other, and one of the most successful clubs and Premier League teams in the history of our local North West Sydney Football (NWSF) Association.

We are a proud Club, with a fantastic footballing philosophy of sportsmanship and fun, regularly featuring at the top of our local association’s annual best and fairest.

2022 Season

2021 was again impacted by a Covid-19 lockdown, this time ending the season prematurely. Despite this, we managed three Premierships, the AA9s, O45-1s and our only recently re-established women’s team, the O30-3s, in only their second season. Unlike 2020, we were unable to hold a Grand Final weekend and like 2020, we were unable to hold a Presentation Day or a Back to Penno Day, two big events in our footballing community. Hopefully, 2022 will allow us to return to normal.

Beyond the winter season and the end of lockdown, we were able to commence our Summer Football session, which will return for the month of February, keeping football at the forefront of our sporting community’s minds.

For the winter and summer football seasons, we had 1512 Registrations in 2021, with 706 winter season registrations and 44 teams, a good increase on past years, while we had 806 summer registrations and 123 teams (more or less capacity for a 3-night competition).

As an aside, it would be remiss of me not to publicly thank our summer football team for am amazing job in getting our summer competition up and running under such uncertainly and almost daily changing Covid-safe rules. Accordingly, please thank Jake Ghalloub (our newest life member), Connor and Hunter Dent-McLean (ably assisted by Grahame Bateman and Kim Rosewell). Whenever you see them, please take the opportunity to thank them for their efforts, without which we would have no summer football.

Turning to the upcoming 2022 winter season, online registrations open on 4 January 2022, with Registration Day – 29 January 2022.

Please look out for our banners, which will be spread around our community, register early to help you and us with team set-ups and registration with NWSF in a timely manner, encourage your friends to join us and help build our Club.

Over the next few years, it is our objective to have at least one competitive team and one social team across all age groups from U10 (9-a-side) to U18s. While U10-12s are not formally recognised as competition teams, they are subject to “soft” grading, allowing those with a more serious interest to enjoy football in a more challenging and “competitive” environment, while those who prefer a more “social outlook - playing with friends” can also enjoy their football experience in an appropriate environment.

At the present time, we are only part way there to achieving this objective. In the younger age groups – our challenge is numbers to ensure that as our children move through the ranks (from 4-a-side at U6&7, to 7-a-side at U8&9, to 9-a-side at U10-12 and finally to the full 11-a-side at U13s), with sufficient players in each age group to ensure all are able to play at the level they desire. Sometimes this is not possible, but we do our best. Accordingly, strong numbers and recruitment remain a key part in being able to deliver upon and achieve our objective. So, please encourage your children’s friends to join us.

In 2021, we successfully introduced KANO as our professional coaching partner, in what was a heavily subsidised programme to kick it off. Feedback received confirmed the value of each U6-U12s team having its own dedicated mid-week professional coach to help our grow own coaches and develop our Junior players. Their success both within Penno and elsewhere, and the already strong relationship built with them in a short time, gives us confidence to retain KANO for the long-term and help us reach our aspirational objective of both competitive and social football.

Accordingly, for 2022, KANO will again deliver our coaching programme so that our U6-U12s are given every opportunity to develop their football skills in an appropriate and fun environment. Watch out for more information on our plans for 2022.

This year we are seeking to recover some of that cost in order for the programme to be sustainable., with a portion to be recovered directly from player subscriptions (up to $50 – which still represents great value, particularly after taking account of the NSW Active Kids Voucher). It is hoped that the balance of the overall cost will be covered by sponsorship and, if not, from Club reserves and other fund-raising activities.

U6-U12 - Skills Festival (with KANO)

To kick-off the 2022 season and help with recruitment, registration day (29 January) will also double up as our Skills Festival for our U6-U12 players. We encourage all U6-U12s to attend and bring a friend. Attendance is free.

In 2021, we held a similar day, which was enjoyed by all who attended. If you missed it last season – try not to miss it in 2022.

Women and Girls’ Football

Over the next year, the Australian football community will be very much focused on promoting the women's game, with Australia and New Zealand confirmed as joint hosts of the 2023 Women's World Cup. Everyone in Australia would be aware of our Matildas and their inspiring run to the Olympic semi-finals, while the more recent English FA Cup win by Sam Kerr’s Chelsea has cemented her place as a world class footballer and a source of inspiration for many of younger girls. With that comes engagement with mums, aunties and sisters and a burgeoning female football competition.

For a long time, O35s men was the fastest growing segment of Australian sport, now it is women’s sport and, in particular, women and girls’ football. Penno FC would love to play its part in encouraging greater female participation, and with the success of our summer football competition and our O30W-3s Premiership still fresh, hopefully those of you already involved in playing with Penno teams can encourage your friends to come and join us in 2022.

As I write, we are contemplating a 2–3 week, free skills training programme for U6-U12 girls, to be led by our friends at KANO. Watch out for more information as we confirm some details.

Looking forward to 2022, Ian Martin, who currently coaches our women’s team will assume the role of Women’s Coordinator. Our thanks go to Chris Matthews our former women’s coordinator for all his hard work in supporting the women’s game over the past few years.

Girls (from U6s) can play in either the mixed competition (Saturday) or the women’s competition (Sunday). Prospective female players who are not sure whether a female team will be formed in their age group should therefore contact Ian Martin on 0438 963 047 and visit this page.

Football Innovation - Walk Football (Age 18–99 – male/female) and 9-a-side Masters (Age 40-99), three quarter field. (Registration packages to be set up shortly)

No, we are not introducing VAR, but like many other sports, Football is also looking at new and innovative ways to keep older players involved for longer. With the increasing number of synthetic fields, greater opportunities for newer, smaller and shorter versions of the beautiful game are opening up.

Unfortunately, Covid disrupted our association’s introduction of the social (and mixed) Walk Football small-sided game format. Walk Football is a slower-paced version of the beautiful game aimed – originally at over 50s (male and female), but now 18-99, with modified formats (6v6) on smaller pitches and shortened game times. Walk football is well established in the UK and offers an opportunity to continue team sport and the camaraderie that goes with it.

In a similar vein, NWSF introduced a 9-a-side “Masters”, three quarter field version, with the longer-term plan to use this vehicle to encourage an orderly transition from O45s. NWSF is seeking to establish a 2022 competition to be run on Friday evenings. The Masters also offers opportunity bigger squads, with players potentially able to play for both their existing team and participate in the 9-a-side competition – so enabling more game time across two formats. Age guidance is O40s.

Our O30s women’s team did just that and entered a Friday night Masters team with great success both on and off the field, gently introducing players into the beautiful game or making easier for some to return. If you know someone who might be interested in either format (and perhaps is not currently playing), please let them know and ask that they register for a special introductory fee of only $100.

Registration Day and FREE U6-U12s Skills Festival - Saturday, 29 January at Pennant Hills Park

Online registration and payment is encouraged, with Registration opening on 4 January 2022. Click here to register.

Please attempt registration or re-registration online before Registration Day. The demand on the FFA servers is extreme on Registration Day and we encourage online registration preferably in advance, although it can still be done after Registration Day at your convenience.

If you would prefer to register in person, you are more than welcome to do so. Accordingly, our Registration Day is on Saturday, 30 January at Pennant Hills Park between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. We’d love to meet and have a chat and, if you are having difficulties, we can offer assistance.

As noted above, we, intend to combine in-person registration with our KANO-led Skills Festival for U6-12s. This is a great to bring a friend along, that one that you have been trying to persuade to join us, or that friend who has never played before.

It addition, the canteen will be open, with an opportunity to purchase socks and shorts etc.

Penno Committee

During the off-season, we have started to see a transition in Committee personnel, with the introduction of several new Committee Members from the Junior end of the Club, which bodes well for our future.

You will see some immediate changes with a new website (designed by Jackie Morcomb) and a more upbeat and regular social media presence (led by Amber Williams). Others will become more obvious as the pre-season and 2022 season evolves.

Over the past two seasons, we have all seen the important role that community football clubs play in the lives of our local community, the joy when players, coaches, managers, supporters (families and friends) come together to enjoy our beautiful game. The most recent example being the unbridled joy when we were able to commence our Summer Football competition after the disappointment of another lockdown.

None of these things happen by themselves, so I take this opportunity to publicly thank my fellow Committee Members, both past and present, for their commitment, without which there would be no Club or organised football.

If you are approached by any of current (or indeed past) Committee Members to consider a role, whether it be formally on Committee or simply as someone who can assist with a specific task, we would be most appreciated if you would give that request your consideration. Most roles are not demanding, particularly if we have numbers, and are usually a source of enjoyment and new friendships within our footballing community – with sons and daughters proud to be able to say that my mum or dad (etc) is doing something to help our / your Club.

During 2021, we had a couple of parents successfully act as Non-Committee Age Managers (i.e. no commitment to being a Committee Member and attending Committee Meetings was required). For season 2022, we want to build on this success and appoint Committee Members as Age Manager Coordinators with multi-year responsibilities, to be assisted by parents/carers (Non-Committee Age Managers). Accordingly, we have already appointed Age Managers to cover several years, with Samantha (Sam) Martin responsible for U6-9 and Tom Dyson responsible for U10-12s. To assist Sam and Tom, we would like to appoint Assistant Age Managers for each of U6, 7, 8 & 9, with a minimum of one assistant to cover the U10-12s. While we haven’t appointed a Committee Age Manager for U13-18 yet, we are open to something similar for this age group.

What are we looking for – could this be you ? As an example, our expectation is that it may suit someone who has a child in U8 to act as an Assistant Age Manager for either U6 or U7 (particularly if you have a child in the lower age group). We are not encouraging coaches to volunteer for this role, preferring that they concentrate on coaching. It may suit Managers, as they will likely have that admin experience that could be of assistance – and also help their own team by knowing who might be available to assist when their older team is short (school holidays, illness etc). All in all, it is not a particularly demanding role, so please consider. If you are able to assist, please contact Sam (0405 558 534), Tom (0439 911 370) or myself (0418 606 832).

It is great to see so many of you volunteering and the reward that comes with it – could our next volunteer be you ?

Over the next few months as we work toward the 2022 season kick-off (on 2 April), I expect a few more new Committee Members as we seek to build on the enthusiasm of our new Committee Members.

In 2022, we hope to also consider at least one social event, with the Club celebrating its 65th year as a football club. As noted above, we are so much more than a football club and, accordingly, we believe that we are at the heart of our Pennant Hills community and should play a bigger role within our community. One way to build our Club and community is to develop our social side, so if you are interested and can help – please contact myself or one of our Committee Members. (Committee contact details can be found under 'Club Information'.)

NSW Government Active Kids Scheme

Please refer to the 'How to Register' tile for information on using your Active Kids voucher.

Introduction to Football

This season, we are again minimising the cost of Registration for our U6 (4x4) and U7 (4x4) teams when using the $100 Active kids voucher, with all we ask being a small contribution to the cost of running our KANO professional coaching programme (refer above). So, feel free to spread the word with regards to this special Penno FC offering.

Online Registration

Please refer to the 'How to Register' tile for information on registering for this season.

2022 Fees

Please refer to the 'Fees' page.

Team Allocation

Please refer to the 'Team Allocation' page.

Team Allocation Days

Please click here for more information.

Trial Games

Trial games have been a bit of a hit and miss over the past few years, so this season we plan to try something different. Age Managers will be in touch with their respective teams to gauge appetite. For MiniRoos and Juniors, we are looking at the prospect of commencing the season with a Gala-day event (if possible) on 27 February.

At the present time, we plan to hold trial games on Sundays during March, subject to field availability, with our objective being to try and give those teams that wish to have trial games, at least two games each.

Our plan is to commence trials on the second weekend in March – as follows:

  • Sunday, 13 March

  • Sunday, 20 March

  • Sunday, 27 March

  • Sat / Sun, 2/3 April - Formal commencement of competition matches

Note: It is important if your team commits that you make yourself available for these trials as it assists with Club and team development. Importantly, if we are to continue to organise trials with other clubs, we need to be prepared to show up.

Training Nights

Please refer to 'Training' for information.


All teams require a coach to proceed for the season, if you are interested in coaching or managing or to continue from last season, please answer this question in the online registration and / or contact your Age Manager (see contact details under 'Club Information'). ALL volunteers MUST be registered to be covered by the Club’s insurance arrangements, and where applicable, Working With Children clearance will also be required.

Please click here for more information.

Referees Course

Please click here for more information.

Playing Kit/Uniform

Please click here for more information.

BBQ Service

Our Junior members introduced a Saturday morning BBQ service to Ern Holmes Oval several years ago. This initiative proved to be very successful, however, this service was interrupted by Covid. We would love to resume this service, it adds to the occasion, especially on a Saturday morning. If you would be interested in volunteering to run the BBQ, please give Sam (0405 558 534) or Ian Martin (0438 963 047) a call to find out more.

Age Managers

With our Committee undergoing a change in personnel, Age Managers are yet to be finalised. We will aim to confirm Age Managers at our earliest opportunity. If you can help us in this respect, please contact Sam (0405 558 534), Tom (0439 911 370) or myself (0418 606 832).

Once finalised, details will be posted under the “Club Information” drop-down on the menu bar.

Time to register

To register for Season 2022, click here. Should you have problems registering, please contact our Registration team:


Jake Ghalloub


Mob: 0421 495 552

Assistant Registrar

Will Ryan


Age Managers

With our Committee undergoing a change in personnel, Age Managers are yet to be finalised. We will aim to confirm Age Managers at our earliest opportunity. If you can help us in this respect, please contact Sam (0405 558 534), Tom (0439 911 370) or myself (0418 606 832).

Once finalised, details will be posted under “Club Information” on the menu bar.

Welcome aboard and get set for another great year at Penno.

Tony Macko

Tony Macko

Club President

January 2022