How to register

Online Registration

To register online, it is important that you read the rest of this information first.

Registration for 2022 is email address based and not the FFA number system used in past years. If you are a new registrant or your photo is more than 3-years old, you will need a new head and shoulders photo, which can be taken with a smart phone against a plain background, ready to upload from the device you choose to use for registration.

Previous player, manager or coach

Login to your Football account link or click on 'returning player' tile at top of this page.

New to football or forgotten your pervious registration details

Create a Football account link

NSW Government Active Kids Scheme

For those planning on using the Active Kids Voucher, please note that you MUST have applied for it and received the unique ID number BEFORE beginning the registration process.

In order to claim a voucher, you will need to be registered with Service NSW.

To register with Service NSW

Apply for your Active Kids voucher via the following link:

Note: The Active Kids voucher cannot be refunded if you cancel your registration with the Club. We can only forward the funds to another Active Kids registered and qualified organisation.

Introduction to Football

This season, we are again minimising the cost of Registration for our U6 (4x4) and U7 (4x4) teams when using the $100 Active kids voucher, with all we ask being a small contribution to the cost of running our KANO professional coaching programme. So, feel free to spread the word with regards to this special Penno FC offering.