Referees Course

Penno FC has a proud history of contributing referees to our association, with many Penno referees still offering their services across the Association after many, many years.

We continue to recommend our 14-years olds to become referees, it is a great way to earn some pocket money, but more importantly from a sporting point view, it is another great learning opportunity (albeit sometimes that learning is how not to !), and a great way to give something back and ensure Penno FC receives the highest possible game coverage.

To encourage take-up, Penno FC will waive new referee Registration fees (by way of refund) on confirmation of regular participation.

We would love to encourage our younger players to consider becoming a referee. Courses are usually held in February and March. The minimum age is 13yrs by 1 April 2022.

Course dates can be found here, on North West Sydney's Referee's Association website.

If you are interested in refereeing, please contact your Age Manager or our Referees Coordinator, Bruce Thomson on 0402 404 226.

Treatment of Referees

The hardest job in any soccer match is that of the referee. Through their own choice they provide an essential part of our game. This choice is made easy when a smile and a thankyou are given after their efforts.

Pennant Hills Football Club enjoys a reputation for fair play and fair dealings throughout the Association and our community. The fair manner with which we treat our referees is second nature to most of us. The following items have been provided to remind us all of our obligations in respect to our match officials.

Referees at all times, before, during and after matches are to be treated with the utmost of respect and courtesy.

They are to be thanked after each match and teams are to shake the referee's hand and provide a cheer for their assistance.

We encourage actions that result in commendation and praise of a referee. This includes personally thanking the referee or informing a member of our Committee for further commendation action.

If you wish to criticise a referee there is ONLY one course of action that you may take: direct your comments to any member of our Committee for further action. The Club has a formal avenue by which complaints are dealt with properly and quickly.

Under no circumstances are you to converse with a referee if your comments are of a potentially abusive, negative or untoward nature. This includes comments from the sidelines during the course of a match.

If a player or official is found to have abused or offended a referee the club may impose a ban from playing or participation.

If a spectator associated with our club is found to have abused or offended a referee then that person may be requested to cease attending club matches.

It is also expected that anyone observing this behaviour will remind the offending person of their responsibility and if appropriate report the matter to a member of our Committee.

Everyone is reminded that there is recourse available to younger referees under the Child Protection Act for instances that are of an abusive or offensive nature.