Summer Soccer

The PennoFC summer soccer season has come to an end with the last of the finals to be played this evening.

We would like to thank all of our referees for their support in what ended up being a very wet season!

A particular shout out to our junior refs who were fantastic throughout the season, it was great to see the juniors shine!

Our junior refs are Lilly Martin, Daniel Aliaga, Finn Drennan, Benji Fan, Liam van der Zanden, Jake Bromley, Liam Drinan, William Emery, Hannah Pola, Josh Goddard. Flynn van der Zanden, Robbie Cambridge, Isabella Bambagiotti, Michael Nunes, Liam Cunningham, Ryan Ninness, Will McCarroll, Ty Ditchburn and Aidan Collins (not all shown).

Fixtures, results and standings for 2021/22 season

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